The High Holidays: Unbound


Summer has concluded, and that means that baseball season is drawing to its close, temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier, and . . . Judaism's High Holidays -- Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) -- are here.

This year, Judaism Unbound is excited to offer a variety of alternatives or supplements to the traditional synagogue-based experiences as you look to imbue these holidays with meaning. Through our High Holidays Unbound initiative (located right here on this web-page), we have created a one-stop hub for you to find videos, songs, articles, books, and more that we hope will add creativity, joy, meaning, and inspiration to this season. 

We have also recorded short explorations of some core texts of the High Holiday season in the form of 10-minute "mini-episodes" of our Judaism Unbound podcast. In these we will look at some of the key texts of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (including the binding of Isaac, the book of Jonah, and many more) from our outside-the-box, "unbound" perspective -- these can be found by clicking the "listen and learn" button above.

We hope to add to High Holidays Unbound in the years ahead, so please send ideas and suggestions our way for any of the six areas, or feel free to suggest other kinds of material that we should include.

Click any of the buttons to begin your experience of the High Holidays . . . unbound!