High Holidays Unbound: Laugh

We don't always think of laughter as a primary way to engage in the High Holidays -- we often think of them in more solemn terms. But if you are looking to bring some joy into your High Holiday experience, the comedy episodes and video clips below are a great way to do that. Explore the funny side of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with episodes of YidLife Crisis, Transparent, Odd Mom Out, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Colbert Report, and a short video from comedian Benji Lovitt. These episodes are catered to adults and probably not suitable for children.

YidLife Crisis - Season 2: Episode 1 (Off the Top)

This episode is available for free by clicking the video below. Check out more YidLife crisis episodes on their website if this one leads you to become addicted to it!


On the Holy First Day of the Jewish New Year, Leizer resolves to find a nice Jewish girl, Chaimie refuses to make a resolution, and somehow things resolve themselves.

Transparent - Season 2: Episode 7 (The Book of Life)

This episode is available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers at this link. For those who are not subscribed, you can watch by clicking the image below and paying $1.99 (standard definition) or $2.99 (high definition).


It's Yom Kippur, and the Pfeffermans have plenty to atone for - Sarah tries to make amends with Tammy, Maura struggles to communicate with Davina, and Josh tries to make peace with Raquel. All of the atonement culminates at a break-the-fast party hosted by Ali and Syd, who are deep in a spiritual crisis of their own.

Odd Mom Out - Season 2: Episode 2 (Fasting and Furious)

This episode is available for $1.99 on Youtube by clicking the video below. It can also be purchased for the same price (standard definition) on Amazon Video or on iTunes.


Jill's parents come to town to celebrate Yom Kippur and to take care of a matter of life and death; Vanessa flirts with the idea of a breakup; Brooke continues to punish Lex for betraying her.

Entourage - Season 3: Episode 17 (Return of the King)

This episode is available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers at this link (scroll down to episode 17 and press play), and it is also free for HBO Go subscribers. For those who are not subscribed, you can watch by clicking the video below and paying $1.99 (standard definition) to view on Youtube or by purchasing it on iTunes for $1.99.


A casting change puts 'Medellin' back on the table for Vince. Ari and producer Nick Rubenstein must broker the deal by day's end, but because it's Yom Kippur they can't use the most important tools of their trade (cell phones) until after sundown.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 5: Episode 1 (The Larry David Sandwich)

This episode is available to HBO Go subscribers for free by clicking the image below. It is available free for Amazon Prime members or can be purchased for $1.99 at this link. It can also be purchased from iTunes for $1.99. A short clip from Youtube is available and included (it can be accessed by clicking the second image below). 


Larry is changed by a near-death experience and a revelation about his father; on the lighter side, he finds that an unappetizing sandwich was named after him.


In this short clip, Larry learns that one is required to buy tickets to attend Rosh Hashanah services. Because he has not done so and time is running short, he scalps tickets outside of his Temple.

Stephen Colbert's "Atone Phone"

In a clip from The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert encourages Jewish viewers to call in to his "atone phone" and atone for their sins of the past year. View it for free by clicking the image below!


Benji Lovitt Presents "Rosh Hashana: Apples and What???"


In this short comedic video from Benji Lovit there's just no substitute for the "real deal" cultural food experience of Rosh Hashanah, apples and honey. But Benji tries to find one.