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8 Creative Ways to Light Your Menorah This Hanukkah

Welcome Hanukkah Ushpizin (Guests), Past and Present

A Playlist of Popular Music with Hanukkah Themes

A 6-part series of podcast episodes on Hanukkah

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Experience Hanukkah Foods From Around the World

Enjoy Hannukah through Books, Television, and Film

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Try a New Hanukkah Game: Dreidel Unbound


We are proud to welcome you to Hanukkah Unbound, a digital home for anyone looking to infuse their Hanukkah with a creative, experimental spirit! Browse all our Hanukkah "Tracks" by clicking the buttons below (four above and four below the Menorah image).

If you would like to explore resources catered to a particular night of Hanukkah (including a cocktail for every night of the holiday!), click on the corresponding candle in the image below. Clicking the Shamash (helper) candle in the middle will take you to our page offering 8 Creative Ways to Light Your Menorah.