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Dig Deep Into Passover with Holidays Unbound:

Why celebrate Passover? Did the Exodus from Egypt ever really happen? What's the meaning of all these different rituals in the traditional Passover Seder? Can we re-invent elements of Passover to fit contemporary needs and desires? Engage with these questions and more through a series of Holidays Unbound podcast episodes! Just click any of the audio links below to enter into the conversation.

Part 1: What is Passover For? Dan and Ruth begin the discussion of Passover by asking what the point of the holiday is! In answering, they consider the ideas of guests Shai Held, Rachel Kahn Troster, and Abigail Pogrebin. Among other questions, Dan and Ruth consider whether and why Passover is a good place to start our examination of the Jewish holidays and how we might create Passover experiences for ourselves that are truly transformative in our lives.


Part 2: Did the Exodus Really Happen? Dan and Ruth speak with scholars Steven Weitzman of the University of Pennsylvania and Richard Elliott Friedman of the University of Georgia (author of Who Wrote the Bible?) to explore the critical question—or is it?—of whether or not the Exodus was a historical event. Professors Weitzman and Friedman walk us through the elements of the story that seem to reflect true historical memories and the elements that are likely embellishments, and both reflect on the power of the story regardless of its historicity.


Part 3: The Passover Seder Dan and Ruth dive into the history of the seder and ideas about how to use—or not use—the traditional haggadah. They also explore how to experiment with new seder rituals that resonate with us, with our guests, and with our children, while keeping everyone interested and focused on the purpose of Passover. Dan and Ruth are joined by Abigail PogrebinVanessa OchsAmichai Lau-Lavie, and Justin Goldstein, all of whom share interesting perspectives and great ideas.

The Animated Story of Exodus: Featuring BimBam's Torah Videos

Experience the story of the Exodus with these videos from BimBam. They offer a general summary of the Exodus story, along with a variety of insights into some of the deeper messages of the Israelites' departure from Egypt. Each video is approximately four minutes in length, so it only takes 20 minutes total to watch your way through the whole story!

The Passover Seder Plate: What Goes On It, and Why?

Looking for a crash course in Seder Plate-ology? This quick video from 70 Faces Media teaches you about all the items that are traditionally placed on the Passover Seder plate, along with what they symbolize. To watch it, just click the image below!


For an article that discusses a variety of new items that many place on the plate in addition to these, providing visibility to a variety of social justice issues, click here.

What Happens at a Passover Seder?

So perhaps you know a little bit about the story of the Exodus, but you don't know much about what actually happens at the event commemorating it -- the Passover Seder. This video, from BimBam, walks through the steps of a traditional Seder so that you can feel prepared if this ritual meal is new for you.