Passover Unbound: Watch

Passover Seders have proven to be an intriguing plot point on a wide variety of TV shows over the years. Watch through some of the very best Passover-themed episodes out there by clicking the videos below!

YidLife Crisis: "Coming Out of Bondage"


(Free video) Not suitable for children, and not suitable for work! The mysterious, but enticing, episode description reads simply: "On the eve of Passover, Chaimie coaxes Leizer to come out for a bit." Watch for yourself to find out what, exactly, Chaimie and Leizer's adventures will be!

A Rugrats Passover:


(Available for $1.99 on Youtube, iTunes, and Amazon Video) The rugrats go to Boris and Minka's for Passover, and get locked in the attic with Boris, who's recounting of the Passover story is seen through Angelica's eyes, using the rugrats as historical characters.

When Do We Eat? (2005 Feature-Length Film)


(Available for $2.99 on Amazon Video, Not suitable for children) At Passover Seder, one of the boys slips dad a dose of LSD in order "to give him a new perspective," while mom brings a handsome stranger to dinner, and the kids take sides. By the end of the night, dad's visions turn him into a modern day Moses intent on leading this hungry group to the promised land of family bliss. Of course, they're all so stubborn, it'd be easier to part the Red Sea. 

Sports Night: "April is the Cruelest Month"


(Available for Free at, click the image above to access) In the Passover-themed episode of the short-lived but highly-acclaimed comedy "Sports Night," two major characters (Dan and Jeremy) host a Passover Seder.