Judaism Unbound Bonus Episode: The Jewish Comics Anthology - Steven Bergson, Andy Stanleigh

Dan and Lex are joined by Steven Bergson and Andy Stanleigh, Editor and Publisher, respectively, of The Jewish Comics Anthology, Volume 1They are in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology, Volume 2. We discuss the project, the intersection of Judaism, Hebrew culture, comics, and science fiction, and Steve and Andy provide a sneak preview of what will be included in this upcoming collection of Jewish sci-fi comics. To support their Kickstarter campaign and help take this book from idea to reality, click here!

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Image Credit: Alternate History Comics

Image Credit: Alternate History Comics

Click the image above to visit the Kickstarter page for The Jewish Comics Anthology: Volume 2. And scroll through all the resources below if you're interested in immersing yourself further in the world of Jewish comics and Jewish Sci-fi!

[1] Order Volume 1 of the Jewish Comics Anthology by clicking the image below!

Image Credit: Alternate History Comics

Image Credit: Alternate History Comics

[2] Check out some of the beautiful images that will be featured as part of the yet-to-be-released Volume 2!

Image 1: Jake Allen, Frank Reynoso, Image 2: Adam Gorham, Image 3Weshoyot Alvitre Image 4: Shane Kirshenblatt

[3] Take a look at some of the Jewish graphic novels and science fiction works that were discussed in this episode by clicking the images below.


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[5] To learn about the historic relationship between Jews and comic books, check out either of these works.

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