What Reviewers Say About The Secret Book of Kings

Reuters: “Like Dan Brown’s bestselling The Da Vinci Code, the book uses religious intrigue and conspiracy to create a pacey thriller.” 


"The Secret Book of Kings offers an original and revolutionary commentary on the blood-soaked story of the wars of David and Saul, heightening the voice of the Princess Michal, the Bible's most tragic figure." - Ma'ariv


"Although I am a Jew who does not believe in the holiness of the Bible, The Secret Book of Kings thrilled me indescribably and opened an innovative line of thought for me about our heroes of old, especially the women." - YNET


"Apart from the enormous pleasure of the fluid and thrilling prose, Yochi Brandes presents in this novel an important and unprecedented approach to the scriptural stories. Readers without great Biblical knowledge will discover a thrilling and ever-surprising novel of love, betrayal, and loyalty. But those who are familiar with the Bible will experience something even deeper that will open before them new possibilities and understandings of what happened or didn't happen in our ancient history." - Ha'aretz