Glowstick Menorah (Outdoors)

The Talmud says that the Hanukkah menorah should be placed in the window in order to "publicize the miracle." Today, the Hanukkah menorah functions as a statement of Jewish identity for many people. But sometimes we don't have a convenient window, and sometimes we are worried about burning down the house. Especially this year, with "Chrismukkah" (Hanukkah and Christmas coinciding), it would be nice to have some Hanukkah lights outside.

The outdoor glowstick menorah may be the solution! All you need is some string or twine and lots of glowsticks, which we found at Amazon (you'll need 36 glowsticks to have the right number for all eight nights -- or 44 if you want to have a ninth "helper candle," as we did in these pictures, even though that isn't really needed with glowsticks -- either way, you should buy two boxes of 25).

1st Night: Shimon Bar Yo-Chai
Rav Napa.jpg
Chemistry Menorah 7.jpg