Elul Unbound: SVARA-Style!

Tuesday, September 24th: 8 PM Eastern/7 Central/5 Pacific

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IT’S TONIGHT! Join here: https://Zoom.us/j/899898071

The experience of internalizing, challenging, and continuing the conversations of our ancestors (i.e. learning Talmud!) makes us people who attune more deeply to the world around us and to ourselves. As we continue to move through this Jewish season of teshuva—of return and alignment—Judaism Unbound & SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva are teaming up to bring you Elul Unbound: SVARA-Style. Join SVARA's faculty Rabbi Benay Lappe & Laynie Soloman, accompanied by Judaism Unbound co-host Lex Rofeberg, for a digital, interactive learning session, and the chance to dig into the practice of traditionally radical Talmud study and explore what it can teach us about personal and communal growth, all in a hardcore, radically inclusive, *DIGITAL!* learning space!

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