Elul Unbound: Videos

On Thursdays, during the month of Elul, we are sending out videos that dovetail with the week's Elul Unbound theme. You can view them by scrolling down on this page.

Week 1: How Reflection Supports Personal Growth


Questions for Reflection

1) Reflect on the past year. What went better than you expected? What didn’t go as well as you planned?
2) Name one habit or belief that you would like to change in the coming year. What do you need to do differently, in order for that change to happen?

Week 2: Try Something New For 30 Days


Reflection Suggestion

Today, we are trying something different, instead of asking reflection questions. Instead we offer a "reflection suggestion."

We encourage you to think of one small thing you can try that is different or new and life affirming for the next 30 days. What is one small thing that you’d like to do differently? Imagine starting your new year, already feeling like you have accomplished something? In the video, Matt Cutts states, “The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not.” So why not try something? You never know how it might change you.

Week 3: Orange is the New Elul


Questions for Reflection

1) Does anything in particular that Cindy said resonate with you, and how you understand Judaism?
2) What do you think Cindy means by "doing God?" Is the practice "doing God" part of your Jewish experience? Why or why not?

Week 4: Kids Say the Elul-est Things


Questions for Reflection

1) The video closes with one of our young sages saying that "If someone hurts your feelings, you've just gotta let it go!" It's hard to argue with the wise words of these little ones, but is that advice challenging for you this year? Why or why not?