Elul Unbound: Mini-Podcasts

Each Sunday of Elul, we kick off our weekly Elul theme with a mini-podcast. Each of them can be found below.

Week 1: Why is This Month Different from All Other Months?

In the first of four bonus episodes, Dan, Lex, and guest co-host Wendie Lash argue that Judaism can be a technology of self-improvement. They explore how, in particular, the month of Elul provides an opportunity to experience that possibility.

Week 2: A Wrinkle in (Jewish) Time

Lex Rofeberg, and guest co-hosts Wendie Lash and Estee Solomon Gray, explore what Elul helps to teach about the broader flow of Jewish time, in the second of four bonus episodes for the month of Elul.

Week 3: What's Love Got To Do With It? (The Song of Songs)

Lex Rofeberg and Wendie Lash connect the month of Elul to love and even (don't tell anyone) sex. They do so by looking at the Biblical book of Song of Songs through a contemporary lens.

Week 4: Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word

Lex Rofeberg, Dan Libenson, and Wendie Lash close out the month of Elul by looking at forgiveness -- a central and challenging component of the High Holiday (and High Holimonth!) season.