Elul Unbound: Videos

On Thursdays, during the month of Elul, we are sending out videos that dovetail with the week's Elul Unbound theme. You can view them by scrolling down on this page.

Week 1: How Reflection Supports Personal Growth


Questions for Reflection

1) Reflect on the past year. What went better than you expected? What didn’t go as well as you planned?
2) Name one habit or belief that you would like to change in the coming year. What do you need to do differently, in order for that change to happen?

Wake-Up Call: 

Each day of Elul Unbound includes a wake-up call, to remind us that part of this final month of the year is becoming awake to what is coming in the new year. For our first Thursday wake-up call, press the play button on the video below.


Future Elul videos, for weeks 2, 3, and 4, will be housed on this page as they are released!