Elul Unbound: EL-O-L

Each Tuesday of this month, we are sending out a little dose of Elul humor. We have affectionately dubbed this practice "EL-O-L." Each of our weekly EL-O-Ls can be found below.

Week 1:


Levi goes over to his friend Shimon's house and they shmooze for hours. Levi says, "It is getting very late. It must be way past midnight. What time is it?" Shimon replies with a shrug, "Sorry, I don't have a clock."

Levi: "You don't have a clock?"
Shimon: "Why should I? I have a shofar."
Levi: "A shofar? How can you tell time with a shofar?"
Shimon: "Just watch," says Shimon as he sticks his head out the window and blows a piercing long blast with his shofar.

All of a sudden, windows in the street start opening and lots of people yell, "Are you crazy blowing a shofar at this time? It's TWO O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!"

"See," says Shimon. "The shofar tells me what time it is."

Wake-Up Call: 

Each day of Elul Unbound includes a wake-up call, to remind us that part of this final month of the year is becoming awake to what is coming in the new year. For our first Tuesday wake-up call, press the play button on the video below.


Future EL-O-Ls, for weeks 2, 3, and 4, will be housed on this page as they are released!